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A Face Lift Without Surgery

Top 25 PDO Max Gold

When we age, we often lose our youthful-looking skin and well-defined features. Many of us would love to regain our confidence and lose the sagging skin – but expensive and invasive surgeries seem too extreme. The great news is, there are ways to reverse the signs of aging that are both minimally invasive and take very little time to accomplish.

Thread lifts provide natural looking results that will have your friends doing double takes. They improve your skin’s texture and quality instantly, while stimulating natural collagen growth and ensuring longer lasting benefits.

Aire MedSpa is proud to offer PDO Max Thread Lift to our clientele.‍

Dr. Walters is a Top 25 Provider with PDO Max thread company.

Lathrop Ford
talks about her experience with PDO Threads & Aire MedSpa.

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A PDO Threads is one of the most effective methods to lift sagging skin of your face, neck, and jaw without undergoing surgery. As we age, our facial support structure weakens; typically in the area of the eyebrows, around the eyes, the cheeks, the jowls, and the neck.

PDO Max is one of only two thread products in North America which are FDA approved in cannula. Many thread products have FDA clearance, but only two have clearance for the thread once preloaded into a cannula. At that point it is considered a new device which requires its own approval. PDO Max is fully FDA approved.

PDO Max threads offer different types of threads to achieve specific aesthetic goals. For instance, Levo (Barbed) threads are known as the workhorse of the product line. Levo threads fight aging, gravity and the passage of time by pulling and lifting the skin, dramatically improving your look instantly. Smuth (Smooth) threads improve your skin’s texture and quality, providing results which continue to improve for up to a month after your procedure.

Thread lifts maintain results between one and two years, depending on the patient. Both products described above promote natural collagen growth, allowing your own skin to assist in achieving even longer lasting results.‍

An initial consultation with Dr. Walters will confirm if you are a good candidate for a thread lift, based on your aesthetic goals.

The procedure is low risk, as it does not require general anesthesia, instead utilizing only local anesthesia. The area of the skin to be treated is marked with directional vectors and thoroughly disinfected. The applicable number of threads are introduced into the skin for the desired tightening effects. The sutures are biocompatible, meaning that your body will eventually absorb and break down the threads.

Allergic reactions to the procedure are extremely rare. The threads are made of polydioxanone, an established product that has been used in surgical absorbable sutures for decades. Once the procedure is complete, you may experience temporary redness or swelling.

This procedure involves no scarring and requires minimal downtime. In fact, most clients resume normal activity within 48 hours.‍

Dr. Walters has undergone extensive one-on-one training with PDO Max to learn the intricacies of the thread lift process. The PDO Max training program educates practitioners on techniques including cheek and jaw treatments, elimination of smoker’s lines, and under eye filling using smooth threads.

If you are ready to explore the aesthetic benefits of a thread lift, call the team of medical professionals at Aire MedSpa. We are committed to non-surgical procedures which enhance your natural beauty.

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